Business intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Measuring, analysing and interpreting data for actionable insights and solutions for businesses is the heart of what we do,

Data science
Data engineering

Developing big data platforms that analyze big data. We use data science techniques that bring life from data.

Software engineering
Block chain

We use new and cutting edge technologies to develop secure software and databases that uphold details and standards.

The Team

Meet the team that make things happen at DaliCodes.

Dalmas Otieno

Dalmas Otieno

Team Lead

Person 2

AnnMary Nakato

Operations Lead

Person 3

Denis Tusubira

Talent Lead

Person 4

Benard C Ndege

Technology Lead

Recent Developments

Explore some of our recent developments and projects.

Block Chain

Block chain in Ugandan finance.

We are building secure, immutable and transparent databases that allow easy documentation and traceability of financial transactions. These transactions are stored in distributed and secure systems to reduce risk, stamp out fraud and bring transparency in a scaleable way


DaliCodes' Grouper

A platform that creates groups of people randomly using defined criteria. You may have a group of employees and you may want to group them randomly while making sure there is balance in the number of managers, gender, talent e.t.c in a group. Grouper is a go to tool for you.